Fatima Lahham ©

Fatima Lahham ©

Founding Editor (UK) Fatima Lahham

Editor (Canada) Anthea Conway-White

Revoice (riːˈvɔɪs) verb (transitive)
1. to utter again, in a new manner
2. to adjust an organ or wind instrument to restore it and make it speak better

Revoice! Magazine was launched in November 2016 as an international publication written for and by musicians who engage creatively and critically with history.

We publish pieces on a broad spectrum of topics and from musicians working across a broad range of genres and styles. Recent articles have explored topics as diverse as the meaning of historical performance for a recorder quintet, the representation of busking song Wonderwall through memes, and the importance of contextualising Messiaen's piano works. Revoice! also features exclusive interviews, regular reviews of books, concerts, and recordings, and previews of festivals and musical projects.